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Barrier Reef

A certified disinfectant based on one of the advanced Japanese technologies for destroying hazardous viruses in the air before entering the human body

———Efficacy is proven in the Research Institute of Influenza
———Effective 30 days after activation
———Destroys influenza and ARVI viruses
———Easy to use
———Designed and manufactured in Japan
——— It is not a medicine or a dietary supplement
———Safe for children, adults and animals

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Anatomic mask “Barrier Reef”

Revolutionary new-generation anatomical masks from Japan who is the leader in the development of body-friendly protection against viruses and allergens

———Protection from viruses and bacteria more than 99%
———Firm adherence to the face
———Easy breath due to valve and material
———Extended wear – from 4 to 8 hours
———Designed in Japan

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Anatomical masks “Masker’s”

Innovative medical masks with a built-in ABS-exhalation valve are designed for external protection against viruses, bacteria and other suspended solids in the air. They integrate comfort, protection and freedom of self-expression

———Firm adherence to the face
———Special mask design
———Protection from viruses and bacteria more than 99%
———Easy breath due to valve and material
——— Extended wear – from 4 to 8 hours
———Adjustable earhook
———Developed in Japan

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