Anatomic mask “Barrier Reef”

The unique shape ensures a snug adherence and a perfect fit for any type of face

Due to soft ear arms and a nasal clip made of a soft metal, you will feel the snug adherence of the mask and comfort even when wearing it with glasses

The maximum protection against viruses, bacteria, dust, and allergens is achieved due to the use of polymer fibers

The mask is made of a very light hypoallergenic material, which allows your face to “breathe” even in a hot and humid environment

A guaranteed protection for 4–8 hours (depending on model), whereas conventional masks require replacement after just 1.5 hours of use

Masks are manufactured on fully automated Japanese equipment using the Japanese digital ultrasonic welding technology

The exhalation valve removes excess heat, condensation, and carbon dioxide, making a long wearing of a mask more comfortable


Anatomic medical masks branded as “Barrier Reef” are non-sterile single-use products for external respiratory protection of the user. A masks consists of three layers of non-woven fabric, has an aluminum nasal clip, and rubber ear arms. The availability of an inhalation/exhalation valve depends on the product model.

Action on the Body

The maximum protection against airborne solids (dust, pollen, tobacco smoke, automobile emissions), including particles smaller than 2.5 μm (soot, viruses, etc.).

Scope of Application

Anatomic medical masks branded as “Barrier Reef” are recommended for use in conditions of stationary and laboratory treatment and prevention facilities, at home, and in crowded places (street, transport, public organizations, etc.). The use of an anatomical medical mask does not require any special training, medical skills, or additional knowledge. The product is intended for a wide range of users.

Testing and Certification

Medical masks are recommended by the WHO for fighting pandemic influenza and acute respiratory viral infections at low risk of infection. Anatomical masks feature a snugger fit to the face and consist of three reinforced layers of non-woven fabric; they are additionally equipped with an inhalation/exhalation valve (depending on model). It is these characteristics that make it possible to significantly enhance the filtering properties of “Barrier Reef” masks, as compared with conventional medical masks.

Certificates and other documents:

Medical product registration certificate


  • In 2009, the world was swept up by an epidemic of “swine flu” H1N1. In Japan, according to various estimates, 5 to 16 million people were infected. This was an incentive for the development of new versatile methods of protection against influenza viruses. Soon, Japanese researchers presented anatomical medical masks with and without a valve, which can be worn for 4 to 8 hours.

  • This is a new generation of medical masks with unique characteristics: a snugger fit to the face; an absolute protection due to polymer fibers; a built-in exhalation valve; the mask service life of up to 8 hours; unique production technologies; conformity to the world quality standards.

  • A built-in ABS-exhalation valve facilitates breathing and extends the mask service life up to 8 hours. It removes excess heat, condensation, and carbon dioxide, making a long wearing of a mask more comfortable.