Barrier Reef

It is badge with a cartridge inside, which disinfects the air in the breathing zone. It is manufactured in Japan and has been certified in Russia. It is easy to use; it is not a medicine or a dietary supplement

Studies were performed in the laboratories of the Scientific Research Institute of Influenza of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, where Barrier Reef showed its high effectiveness against influenza viruses, including type A (‘avian’ H5N1 and ‘swine’ H1N1).

Tests performed in the Institute of Cell Biophysics of the Russian Academy of Sciences have proven its safety for children, adults, and even pets.

Barrier Reef has instruction for use developed in the Research Institute of Disinfectology of the Russian Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing (Rospotrebnadzor).

Barrier Reef neutralizes viruses and bacteria within a 1-meter radius during 30 days.

The cartridge is made of a special tamper-resistant material, which is difficult to tear. It has a neck strap with a special clip: it can be easily unfastened to release the child if he/she entangles him/herself in the strap or hooks.

The badge has an additional pouch where you can put your work pass or a subway card.


Barrier Reef air disinfectant (chlorine dioxide generator) is a white perforated cartridge with an active substance containing sodium chlorite (20%) and zeolite (80%) placed inside. After activation, we recommend using the product within 30 days.

Action on the body

Once activated, the cartridge starts generating chlorine dioxide. It evaporates slowly and disinfects the air within a 1-meter radius by destroying the pathogens of the acute respiratory virus and influenza of any strain, including swine and avian, as well as Staphylococcus aureus.


For disinfection of the air in medical facilities: in G-class premises (except for obstetric hospitals, including neonatology departments), at public catering and food trade establishments, consumer markets, customs terminals, utility facilities, hotels, offices, dormitories, beauty and massage salons, sanitary gates, sport centers, shopping malls and entertainment centers and other public service facilities.

Studies and certification

The death of viruses and bacteria occurs after 10 minutes and 4 hours of exposure, respectively. To achieve the maximum efficiency, you need to use 2 cartridges. In the open air, the decontamination effectiveness can be lower due to air currents.

  • In 2009, the world suffered from a pandemic of ‘swine’ influenza A H1N1. In Japan, according to different estimates, 5 to 16 million people were infected. This was a stimulus for the development of new universal methods of protection against influenza viruses. In 2010, a group of Japanese scientists presented a personal protection product based on Dioxidechlorine with the use of the advanced long-term release technology.

  • Once activated, the cartridge starts producing gaseous Dioxidechlorine, which creates a virus-free breathing zone. Dioxidechlorine is one of the most powerful antiseptic agents that destroys ARI and influenza viruses including avian H5N1 and swine H1N1, even if they are not active. It is Dioxidechlorine used by physicians for sterilization, and its effectiveness is confirmed by studies performed in Russia and abroad. Experiments performed by the Rospotrebnadzor Research Institute for Disinfectology proved Barrier Reef’s safety and effectiveness. Scientists have also found its positive effect on the human respiratory system: chlorine dioxide activates antioxidant systems, and this prevents dysfunction of tracheal and bronchial cells.

  • The effective period of one cartridge is at least 30 days, starting from the protective package opening. It is recommended to record the date of cartridge activation. The shelf life of the cartridge in the unopened protective package is 3 years.

  • The following successful trials have been performed: antiviral activity in the Scientific Research Institute of Influenza; antimicrobial activity in the Scientific Research Institute of Disinfectology of Rospotrebnadzor; antiviral activity in the Osaka Environment Institute, Japan; antibacterial activity in the Osaka Environment Institute, Japan.

  • Before using the disinfectant, we highly recommend consulting your doctor, because due to the hormonal changes in the body, a future mother can experience allergy. The same is true for newborns: special microclimate is maintained and weaker compounds and disinfectants are used in obstetric premises. In this way, the babies will not have any allergies. For this reason, we do not recommend using the disinfectant for babies and infants under one year of age.

  • In pharmacies, as well as on the websites of our partner pharmacy networks and online pharmacies. This is a new product and the number of pharmacies selling it increases each month.