Anatomical masks “Masker’s”

The latest Japanese development of filter materials was used in the manufacture of these products

A super-soft material gives extra comfort and pleasure from wearing a mask

The unique design of the mask and the use of high-tech polymer fibers ensure a close fit to the face

A built-in ABS-exhalation valve prevents condensation accumulation and extends the mask service life up to 8 hours

The mask provides protection against more than 99% of viruses, bacteria, allergens, other airborne particles, and aerosols

The production cycle is carried out on Japanese equipment using a fully automated Japanese technology

The product is made of a high-quality hypoallergenic fiber with a high air permeability


Anatomical masks “MASKER’S” with a built-in ABS-exhalation valve integrate state-of-the-art Japanese technology for maximum protection and comfort when worn. The product consists of three layers of non-woven fabric. The built-in ABS-exhalation valve fully provides for free breathing. Specially designed material guarantees better air filtration.

Recommendations for Use

Use for external respiratory protection to avoid inhalation of airborne solids (organic and inorganic dust, pollen, aerosols, allergens, fumes, tobacco smoke, soot, automobile emissions). To reduce the risk of transmission of infectious respiratory diseases (viruses, including influenza viruses; bacteria, including tuberculosis, infections) in crowded places (street, transport, public organizations: business centers, shopping and entertainment centers, sports halls, medical facilities, educational institutions, etc.).


The production cycle of anatomical masks “MASKER’S” is carried out on Japanese equipment using a fully automated technology with innovative laser processing of product seams. The modern coupling technique guarantees a secure rolling of three ultra-soft and light layers of materials. Due to the high level of production, an ergonomic design, and the properties of polymer fiber material, “MASKER’S” masks provide an unrivaled air permeability and the maximum filtration of up to 99%.

Testing and Certification

The “MASKER’S” brand provides everyone with the opportunity to maintain his or her independent philosophy and the concept of his or her own style: bold, unexpected, challenging society stereotypes. A guaranteed protection: an unrivaled air permeability and the maximum filtration of up to 99% against viruses, bacteria, allergens, other airborne particles, and aerosols.

Certificates and other documents:

Medical product registration certificate

Quality certificate

  • The unique shape and design of “MASKER’S” provide a snugger fit to the face, maximally preventing the ingress of polluted air. The volumetric shape leaves enough space for free breathing. The mask no longer interferes with talking and playing sports. It provides a 99% protection against viruses, bacteria, allergens, and other airborne particles. A built-in ABS-exhalation valve extends the mask service life up to 8 hours. “MASKER’S” is an integral element of modern youth street style in clothing.

  • Due to the high degree of filtration, the built-in ABS-exhalation valve reduces the dose of inhaled allergens. The regular use of the product reduces the symptoms of allergies. “MASKER’S” masks are personal protective devices, not a drug. A treatment therapy may be prescribed only by an allergist.

  • “MASKER’S”: the anatomy of your breathing! “MASKER’S” products for the user are not only reliable means of protection, but also a way to stand out from the crowd. “MASKER’S” gives everyone the opportunity to reveal his or her image and to emphasize his or her style: bold, unexpected, challenging social stereotypes. “MASKER’S” have set the trend for those consumers who prefer not to merge with a crowd of people in “white masks”. Our brand encourages you to take care of your health, being unique and stylish at the same time.